Meni Lavie

The Digital Plumber

Are your customers dripping too slow?

The Digital Plumber

Are your customers dripping too slowley?


Start with diagnosting what you already have

Do you have a Logo? Landing pages? website? FB page? Mailing list?



Planning your strategy

Landing pages or website, Google or FB campaign, or maybe its just a website optimisation needed?
But most importantly - How much is this going to cost?

Hi, I am the Digital Plumber

Starting from strategy formation to hands on creating and optimising landing pages and websites, I will teach you how to create the pipelines while maintaining and re-using your data.
Together, we can create the data funnel that will allow your to get smart insights about your data

Let's Talk

For Startups and new SMB's

2 hour long orientation meeting for formulating a first version of a customer sales funnel, that will generate quick revenue for your business.
Special cost for the first meeting - 99$


For Existing businesses

If you have had enough of the "8 marketing tips for bombing your audience" manuals, it is time to get professional marketing consulting for your business, and start fixing your existing pipelines, or create new ones.